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Vocation and field of intervention

The vocation of IDETECH is to carry out missions of research, development and industrialization for the creation of new products, processes and equipments.

The fields that IDETECH approaches are the study, the development and the industrialization of sets and mechanical and microtechnic subsets, as well as the installation of their industrial production.

The general and multi-field competences of IDETECH enable him to implement in its missions disciplines like electromechanics, electronics, data processing, optics, etc.

According to the degree of advance of the projects which are entrusted to IDETECH, the service can comprise: the feasibility studies, the research of solutions, the study and the assumption of responsibility of the realization of prototypes, industrialization and assistance for the launching of the series.

IDETECH having been created by its employees, his statute guarantees independence, objectivity and effectiveness.

The collaborators of IDETECH have a long experiment of the sales of services in research, development and industrialization.

Among the most frequent motivations of the customers of IDETECH, one can quote:

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