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Working Means and Methods

IDETECH brings a "external glance" on the problems of development, completely freed from the habits of its customers. This "new eye" makes it possible to obtain original and innovating solutions.

Moreover, IDETECH controls tools such as the VALUE ANALYSIS and the FMEA .

Because of its light structure, IDETECH reacts usually more quickly than its customers. All the necessary decisions are taken without delay, which makes possible to propose and respect particularly short plannings of development.

IDETECH frequently collaborates with cabinets of industrial design or marketing which it chooses or which are recommended to him by its customers. In certain cases, IDETECH requests the assistance of specialized companies, for example in optics, electronics, acoustics..., to propose to its customers complete services.

Work of study and conception is completed with 3D CAD (4 Workstations Pro/Engineer v20, v2000i, v2000i2 and Wildfire 2.0; and one workstation SolidWorks).

IDETECH can deal with the supply of samples for each stage of development : model, prototype, preproduction..., and ensure their assembly like their qualification.

In the phase of industrialization, IDETECH takes part in the choice of intervenants/sub-contractors, assists the realization and the development of the tools, the launching and the qualification of the first industrialized parts.

Each intervention of IDETECH is beforehand defined by a detailed program commiting on precise objectives at a contractual cost.

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