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IDETECH and Internet

Beyond its presence on this site since 1998, IDETECH uses Internet daily:

To receive data:

IDETECH receives directly from its customers the necessary indications to the good course of its services: aesthetic data, specific requests of the final customers, 2d or 3d data for the constraints of the context...

To send data:

IDETECH communicates directly towards its customers (and if necessary, towards their own customers...) the diagrams, technical drawings, layouts of printed circuit boards, notes of calculations, reports, 2d and 3d files, synthesis pictures with realistic shading, "customer drawings"...

IDETECH also transmits to its suppliers (and those of its customers) various files for direct application in CAF: stereolithography, laser machining, electro-erosion, cutting, plastic injection and metal; with tested procedures of transfer.

Used Methods:

Types of accepted files:

Types of generated files:

Security :

IDETECH set up various solutions to ensure the confidentiality of the exchanged files (Please ask for more information).

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